Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

mobile website design

Why does my business need a mobile-friendly website?

More and more people are now using their mobiles to find information on the web. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, people may not visit or may abandon within a few seconds if they can’t find what they came for.

How many people use their mobiles to access the web?

In the UK, mobile browsing really took off towards the end of 2013. Here are some independent stats:

  • In January 2014, 23% of internet hits from UK surfers were performed on a mobile phone. This is an 80% increase on 12 months previous (12.76%), and 2.4 times higher than 24 months previous (9.52%) – gs.statcounter.com (February 2014)
  • 40% of UK adults regularly browse the mobile internet – “Communication Market Report: UK”, Ofcom (August 2011)
  • One third of mobile searches on Google are for local businesses and services – Diana Pouliot, Director of Mobile Advertising, Google
  • When performing a mobile search, a user is 3.4 times more likely to click on a mobile web page result rather than a desktop web page result – “Mobile Search” white paper, mobilecommerce.co.uk (April 2010)
  • 28% of UK users have purchased a product or service and 70% of UK users have taken action (e.g., made an order, reservation or called the business) after looking up local content using the internet on their phone – “Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer”, Google / MMA (June 2011)
  • 42% of mobile internet users have a household income of over £40,000 a year – Essential Research
Can a mobile-friendly site really convert a new visitor into a new enquiry or sale within a few seconds?


If it’s designed and developed to a high standard, your mobile-friendly homepage will be fully loaded on the visitor’s phone in a couple of seconds.

At this point, the initial design, quality and content of your homepage will give the visitor an instant understanding and appreciation of your business.

If the design, content and functionality is not right, the visitor is unlikely to hang around. But with a quality mobile-friendly website, the visitor may simply choose to tap a button to call your with their reservation, or tap another button to text you with an enquiry.

Or, having gained confidence in your website, they might choose to check out some other pages (like your gallery, menu or shop page) before proceeding accordingly.

What things make a mobile web site mobile-friendly?
  • Low page weight – for quick downloading, so the mobile visitor isn’t kept waiting.
  • Optimal page design – so the user doesn’t have to zoom in or strain their eyes in order to read your content. And so the only scrolling they have to do is simply up and down, rather than in all directions.
  • Optimal content – if your mobile visitors are most likely to want to check your gallery, shop, menu or contact you, we can make sure this information (or a direct link to it) is in a prominent position the moment they land on your mobile-friendly homepage.
  • Quality – having a high quality mobile website makes for the best possible first impression for your mobile visitors. A well-designed and well-developed mobile site can turn a mobile visitor into a new enquiry or sale within a matter of seconds.
Is my website mobile-friendly?

It is highly likely that your web site takes a long time to load on a mobile, and that the visitor will need to zoom in and scroll around in an attempt to find the information they are looking for.

Some of the content (e.g., Flash and Java content) may not be displayed at all.

You should really give your website a thorough mobile test to determine if you think it’s good enough for your customers, or whether it is worth making a better impression. See our guide, here.

How would you make my website mobile-friendly?

This may depend on your existing website. The options are:

  1. Apply a ‘responsive’ design to your existing website. This is to ensure that it displays well on a range of mobiles and tablets.
  2. Create a separate mobile website to compliment your existing website. We would set this up so that mobile visitors are automatically redirected to your new mobile site.

As we are also experts in traditional website development, if your existing website is in need of an overhaul, we can then take care of both aspects at the same time.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us using the phone number or form, below.