HeiTel Software for Monitoring Centres

HT Connect Monitor

HT Connect Monitor

The HT Connect Monitor desktop application gives you peace of mind that your HeiTel devices are online, armed and communicating with your monitoring centre.


Taking advantage of the unique HT Connect site-pulse feature of the HeiTel devices, HT Connect Monitor analyses the site pulses from your units and, with its user friendly interface, lets you know at a glance which sites are healthy and which sites are offline or disarmed.

  • Summary of totals, online, offline and suspect devices
  • Summary of armed and disarmed devices
  • List of ‘Online’ devices
  • List of ‘Offline’ devices
  • List of ‘Suspect’ devices
  • List of ‘Armed’ devices
  • List of ‘Disarmed’ devices
  • Last known uptime
  • Current uptime
  • Current downtime

HT Connect Monitor is the HeiTel software for your monitoring centre that offers you total peace of mind with the knowledge that your sites are healthy.

Heitel Software screenshot

HT Connect Monitor - Heitel Software for Monitoring Centres


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