A bit more about us.

About Mobile Web Expert Ltd

Mobile Web Expert is a web and app development company with a strong focus on mobile.

We pride ourselves on quality, and are specialists in mobile website design, mobile apps and website development.

The company has a strong ethical standing, which reflects in both the way we look after our customers and the way we look after the environment.

Please take a look at our portfolio, and use the contact form below to get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

About James

James - Lead Developer

James, Lead Developer

Hello, I’m James, Lead Developer at Mobile Web Expert.

I first got into mobile app development in 2003. It was at that time that mobile phones in the UK first introduced mobile ‘app’ technology.

As a frustrated vegan, I’d been dreaming of some way you could check the suitability of food and drinks products via your mobile phone. So as soon as the technology came about, I trained up and developed a mobile app, called foodwise.

After running the foodwise system for a number of years, I emerged with a range of web and app development skills that I am still putting to good use today.

These days, I specialise in mobile websites, mobile apps, desktop websites, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other types of software development.

About Matt

Matt- Android Developer

Matt, Android Developer

Hi, I’m Matt. I work at Mobile Web Expert as the Android Applications Developer.

I’ve always been interested in computing from having my first computer bought in the 80’s, the Amstrad CPC464. Thankfully computing has evolved since.

I started my career developing Java applications and web applications using JSP and servlets. More recently I have been hooked by the diverse and fast pace of Android. This platform has already heavily influenced mobile computing, which is why I enjoy being a part of it as it evolves and programming the new features with each release.